AX 2012 Afterthoughts + friendly reminder

This has been the most eventful summer for me. I met a lot of online people but most are just like hi and hello’s. I am really grateful that Suri-chan met up with me otherwise I would have been alone for 4 days straight not knowing what to do. So really, thank you so much *cries*

These are the things I have learned from the AX con:

1. Never trust the pamphlets they will give you.
The schedules printed are always outdated. The schedules can change 3 days before the convention like what happened with Okamoto Nobuhiko’s panel.

2. Always ask the staffs about any changes.
Because of the same reasons stated above.

3. Check the mobile site of AX ( for the latest schedule.

4. Always arrive early for a particular event you’re looking forward to attend.
It is because of reasons stated above and to get a better seat if it’s for a panel (especially for the guests of honor panel).

5. Not all events at Anime Expo are sponsored by them so always check out who’s the sponsor of the event.

Each sponsor has different set of rules for their guests, this what happened with Okamoto’s signing session. For the June 29 signing session, it was sponsored by AX so the fans were not allowed to hand a fan letter to him. I went to the Aniplex signing session (June 30), and asked the staff if I can hand one, and it was fine for them.

6. If your aim is to get an autograph, arrive very early so you’ll be the first in line and get out quickly before it gets more crowded.

This what I did with Okamoto’s signing session that was held at Aniplex booth. I lined up very early (around 8 am) for the exhibit hall (where the booths are located at) so I can get first to the Aniplex booth. The hall opened at 10 am but then people were already lining up for Okamoto’s signing session at 11 am. That’s what I did too, so I got out of the crowd a bit early and was able to attend his panel session at 12:30 pm.

7. Always bring food and bottled water with you.
Since the foods over there are so expensive and also, it’s so crowded too. It’s always handy to have some snacks and water with you especially if you are after the Guests of Honor panels – since the lines can be really crazy long.

8. Don’t be too shy to talk someone.
I’m a shy person but then I have to gather the courage to talk some people while I’m waiting in line. It’s also interesting at teh same time because you can discover they are going for different purposes and also you can ask them to save your spot if you need to get something or need to go to the restroom. (Yes you can laugh at my reason *laughs*)

9. Take advantage of the shuttle services.
I didn’t stay at the hotel but then if you have a badge, this service is free. Just research which hotels where the bus will go so you can go to a particular place in downtown for free. This is what I did when I went to Little Tokyo.

10. Lastly, check out the industry guests.

Industry guests are not sponsored by Anime Expo – that’s what I realized. I may be wrong on this but this what’s the impression it gave me. This what happened with Kishio Daisuke – most of the attendees weren’t aware of this. I only happened to know about this because Kishio wrote on his blog about going to Anime Expo. And from his entry I tried to find out which company is the sponsor – and then that’s how I was able to get some information ahead of time before the day of the convention.
Since there is another convention coming up in the US and there is a seiyuu- Kakihara Tetsuya.
I would like to remind everyone during the panel session PLEASE BE CONSIDERATE when asking questions. This what I have observed in Kishio Daisuke & Okamoto’s panel. Also, please be respectful too.
Why am I saying this? So that the guests will have a pleasant experience at the convention – especially seiyuu guests are hard to come by. Also, a person’s experience can affect one’s decision – it’s like when buying things on ebay, you check out first what are descriptive feedbacks for this seller then from there you will be able to reach a decision where if you will buy from that seller.

So everyone, if you want more Japanese voice actor/actress to come in the future please keep in mind the following:


Someone did this during Kishio’s panel – I was so shocked and ashamed at the same time because Kishio was having a hard time. He was really put on a very awkward situation – especially he is a singer now.

If ever you wonder why voice actor/actresses need to use a pseudonym, it’s not because they are not proud of their works – it is to preserve the image of the characters they have voiced especially for the anime series aimed for children.
2. Please DO NOT ASK about Yaoi/BL topics.
Not all people who attends the panel are mature audiences, so please refrain from asking those type of questions. If it’s a Yaoi con why not right? But then this is a convention where kids also attend too. I remember someone asked this both to Okamoto and Kishio – since Okamoto is younger- it was more awkward for him especially with the huge crowd. Also, I’m also telling you this because for sure you won’t be satisfied with the answer either way. It is only the best to ask these type of questions for the appropriate convention.

3. Please be respectful.
If you asked the guest a question, don’t doubt his/her answers.

4. Please be considerate.
I apologize if I sound so repetitive but then I want to remind everyone, if you want more Japanese voice actor/actress guests in the future conventions PLEASE KEEP THOSE THINGS IN MIND.


[Kamisama to Koigokoro] SS7: Hiwatari Sora

This is the last short story. As usual, don’t expect literal translations from me. I hope that it doesn’t sound too awkward for you to read.

Any corrections are welcome as always!

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[Kamisama to Koigokoro] SS6: Tohjou Subaru

Tohjou Subaru, 17 years old.

He’s a cheerful and somewhat a fool…

He loves girls and the girls are fond of this happy man.

However, he only have one male friend. He’s pitiful man who even got told by his only friend, “You are not my friend, you’re an acquaintance.”

He’s a cheerful person at school. In the town, he’s a cool one. He acts the, “Tohjou Subaru” that the girls love.

Well then, which one is the real him?

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[Shinigami to Shoujo] Official Picture Book & some other goods

I apologize for some blurry pictures. My hand is a bit shaky but I hope the other pictures turned out fine for the readers. I am really sorry. 

I was so happy yesterday that I got my StS goods so fast! The airmail was surprisingly fast and to be honest, I was a bit worried because it does not have a tracking number. Yes, I was being a cheapskate but I’m glad everything went well. I guess I only need to worry about the packages if it’s during Christmas season.

I would like to thank Yukiru-chan and Takuyo staff! If not for them, I would not be able to purchase these StS goods.

Title: Shinigami to Shoujo Audio Book
Price: 3,000 yen (with tax)/ US$36~
Story by:  Tohya Tohno (Fujimoto-sensei)
Illustration by: Ushikawa Kanako
Where to purchase : Jolly Plaza
Comments: This is really an audio book- try listening to the cd while reading StS story.

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 General Information about the book:

Title: Shinigami to Shoujo Official Picture Book
Price: 2,940 yen (with tax) / about US$35
Release Date: March 30, 2012
Size/Pages :  A4, 128 pages
Publisher: Ascii Mediaworks
Where to purchase : Dengeki Shop, Jolly Plaza , Stella Worth, CDJapan


The first section is the illustration gallery, there are about 5 new illustrations and the rest are the pictures featured in the magazine and the clearfile folder design. The second section are the character profiles that features their various facial expressions, sprites and their super deformed illustrations. The third section is the biggest section of them all: the character profiles of the guests in each chapter, the CG for each chapter, the stories within the game with illustrations and the Princess & the Girl picture book story that was featured in Dengeki Girl’s Style magazine. The fourth section features the backgrounds in the game, character & CG sketches and staff interview with Fujimoto (writer/planner), Sumihei (character design, CGs) and Ushikawa Kanako (super deformed illustrations, story illustrations).  And the last part are the game walk through guide and the new mini-novels. Oh, before I forget at the end of (almost) every section – it has the Staff Blog Updates (the short stories and the illustrations).

 My thoughts:

 You may think that I’m biased but I have bought several fanbooks in the past so I have some basis to compare those (B’slog fanbook series) with this. And no, I’m not talking about the Kuranoa ones that I bought last time because those are more like booklets than a book.

 As a fan who does not purchase those gaming magazines regularly – this is WORTH every penny. Aside from the new gorgeous illustrations – it also has the stories that were featured in the magazines. In my own opinion, you won’t miss anything if you bought this fanbook (Okay except for the drama CD tokuten). I also put up the picture from the novel versus the one from the fanbook for comparison – to let you know that even if you were not able to get the novel tokuten, you are not missing anything at all. What I also like about this book are the page designs for each section.  I really love it! I also think the best section is the interview with Fujimoto-sensei. It’s amazing how she did the whole story by herself and also some explanations regarding to some characters *coughs* including about Ao’s clothes too.

I guess the downside for this is that since they tried to fit everything in one book, the fonts of the stories are a bit small. My eyes gets tired easily with small fonts ^^;;

Some interesting tid-bits:
I was aware that some characters were modeled after to  literature authors and works. Reading this fanbook is indeed very interesting.
Just a warning though, you might encounter some spoilers because of this. So if you haven’t played the game, I am telling you right now it will be a huge spoiler.

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[Black Robinia] Episode 1: Prologue

And here I am, started another project.  I’m not quite sure how will this go – I just did this chapter on a whim because I noticed my Black Robinia post has the highest page views.  The manga has only one volume, basically it’s just an introduction for the game.  Please let me know if there are any concerns with the translation.

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[Kamisama to Koigokoro] SS5: Kasahara Seiji

Seiji is Airi’s childhood friend – the one who wanted to be a priest.

It was an interesting story but it gave me some little problems, so I have some little notes. I hope you’ll be able to enjoy this as much as I did.

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[Kamisama to Koigokoro] SS4: Tsujimiya Kenga

This was a fun short story. I hope that everyone were able to enjoy this as well.

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